This web page, along with several other projects (VPNs, virtualization, remote infrastructure monitoring, etc.) are hosted from my home lab, pictured above. full details about all hardware and accessories listed here. (and recent photos)

Hardware list
- StarTech 12U Wall Mount Rack.
- Acer LCD monitor custom-mounted to a 1u top mounted blank.
- EdgeSwitch 10xp.
- 16 port cat6 patch panel.
- EdgeRouter 10x.
- Netgear 4G modem (isp2), Motorola cable modem (isp1) and RPi 3 b+.
- AC Infinity 1U Universal Rack Shelf.
- 1u blank.
- Thinkcentre M73p and Thinkcentre M715q.
- AC Infinity 1U Universal Rack Shelf.
- AC Infinity cloudplate intake fans.
- 1u blank.
- CyberPower 500v UPS.
- AC power strip - Covered by 1U security Plexiglas.
- Not pictured are 2 Unifi APs and 2 Unifi AP Beacons.

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